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Father and Son Flying a Drone

Mark White Elementary Dads Club

Mission Statement

According to researches, students involved with dads also have higher rates of academic success, increased self-esteem, self-confidence and better child-father relationship.

MWE Dads’ club is meant to complement PTO, it’s also an opportunity for fathers to have focused time with their children, something they may not be able to do that often in everyday life. And in many ways, developing a committed network of involved fathers is its own reward. Being involved with a child’s academic life can act as a springboard to more involvement in parenting overall.

The MWE Dads’ club is a committee within the MWE PTO dedicated to improving our children and our school by supporting programs, staff, parents, and most importantly, students. Studies have shown that students excel with more parent involvement. Dad’s club supports all school/PTO activities and set goals to better the experience for our kids.


Some of the activities to be taken up by the MWE Dads club but not limited to are below:

  • Organize Fundraisers

  • Work with PTO/school administration to identify a student need.

  • Help PTO with setup/teardown of events, i.e. International Festival, Carnival, etc.

  • Organize Reading with Dad

  • Organize Father-Daughter Dance

  • Organize Mother’s Day Breakfast



Register to the the MWE Dads club online here.

18-19 Executive Committee

Committee Chair: Debamalya Bhattacharjee

Committee Co-Chair: TBD


Dads Club Calendar

Will be updated soon
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