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Francophonie Celebration

The Francophonie Festival 2018 was a huge success thanks to all the families and friends that generously came out to support the MWE French Immersion Program. This event was part of the French Festival 2008 sponsored by the French Embassy.

Event highlights include:

  • Our entrance mural was officially inaugurated by the artist himself, MrD Boileau

  • Story factory (Marie Legeay Theatre Organization) provided an amazing performance of the Witch in a Broom Cupboard in French - the kids laughed, enjoyed and that was the best reward ever!!

  • Our Sponsors offered gifts to be awarded during a raffle

  • PTO volunteers arranged a French book fair for our eager little readers

We want to express a huge “Merci” to all friends and families that worked on the event including Marie Lozon de Cantelmi; Virginie Le Tallec and Amandine Castillo from the French Embassy; Marie Legeay and Story Factory; MrD Boileau and Liza Carlos for their presence; Corinne Feuillet Luca for Elise presentation; and to our amazing volunteers.

Photos of the Event will be uploaded soon!

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